Dallas Cowboys: Was The Short Week Responsible For Tony Romo Woes?

The Dallas Cowboys appeared to be the latest victim of the NFL’s Thursday game schedule. But unlike previous teams who fell because they were pressed into action on a short week, the Cowboys loss can be attributed to a single player: Tony Romo, the ailing Dallas quarterback whose achy back hampered this otherwise potent Dallas offense.

The Romo-led Cowboys fell to the Philadelphia Eagles 33-10 at home on Thanksgiving Thursday. Having played just three days earlier against another division rival, the New York Giants, appeared to be too much for Tony, who is coming off off-season back surgery. Romo also re-injured said back a few weeks prior during a game against the Washington Redskins. The lack of healing time is starting take its toll, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“Romo usually sits out practice on Wednesday during a normal work week to rest his surgically repaired back. But this wasn’t a normal week — not with just three days separating Dallas games against the Giants last Sunday and the Eagles on Thursday.”

You won’t hear the Cowboys’ quarterback blame his performance on injury however. “The short week is no excuse,” Romo said. “They had a short week, too. We should have been better. I should have been better. We’ll play much better next week, I’ll promise you that.”

Maybe so, but the injury and the short week certainly contributed, and even Romo hinted as much.

“I missed a couple throws I normally won’t miss,” Tony said afterward.

Either way, the loss almost certainly guarantees that the Cowboys’ only shot at the playoffs will be via a wild card berth, according to ESPN.

“Realistically, this loss means the Cowboys’ best way to make the playoffs is to earn a wild-card berth,” the blog reads. “The Cowboys (8-4) now have two losses in the NFC East, and if you’re honest, it’s highly unlikely the New York Giants or Washington Redskins will beat the Eagles this season. The only chance the Cowboys have to win the division will likely occur in 17 days, when they travel to Philadelphia for their second game against the Eagles. But even if the Cowboys beat the Eagles, Philadelphia will still have the edge in division record, which is the first tie-breaker after head-to-head competition, if the teams tie for first place.”

What do you think? Are the Dallas Cowboys poised to make a playoff run with Tony Romo, or will 2014 be yet another disappointment for America’s team?

[Tony Romo image via ESPN]