Pharrell Williams’ Controversial Comments About Michael Brown Spark Outrage Among Fans

Pharrell Williams definitely isn’t a fan favorite these days. In wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, the “Happy” singer recently shared his opinion of the whole ordeal during an interview with Ebony Magazine.

Needless to say, the controversial topic has created immense tension where race relations are concerned. To a substantial number of Americans, the situation looks relatively “cut and dry,” simply because a white police officer murdered an unarmed African-American teenager. But there are some Americans who have a different perspective of the disheartening incident.

Apparently, the N.E.R.D. front-man is one of them. During the exclusive interview, he explained how he personally felt Brown’s behavior was “bullyish,” based on the surveillance footage of him allegedly robbing the convenience store shortly before he was murdered. Williams also questioned a number of other aspects related to the case. Before he even delved into discussing the controversial topic, he forewarned most people probably would not agree with his views.

“I don’t talk about race since it takes a very open mind to hear my view, because my view is the sky view. But I’m very troubled by what happened in Ferguson, Mo.”

Here’s a few quotes from the Grammy Award-winning singer-producer interview:

“It looked very bully-ish; that in itself I had a problem with,” Williams said of the footage of Brown in the convenience store. “Not with the kid, but with whatever happened in his life for him to arrive at a place where that behavior is OK. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

“The boy was walking in the middle of the street when the police supposedly told him to ‘get the f–k on the sidewalk.’ If you don’t listen to that, after just having pushed a storeowner, you’re asking for trouble,” Williams said.

However, he does feel Wilson should be held responsible for his use of excessive force.

“I believe that [the] Ferguson officer should be punished and serve time. He used excessive force on a human being who was merely a child. He was a baby, man.” Williams told Ebony. “If you don’t listen to that, after just having pushed a storeowner, you’re asking for trouble. But you’re not asking to be killed. Some of these youth feel hunted and preyed upon, and that’s why that officer needs to be punished.”


Although Williams also made it clear he feels Wilson should be held accountable for his actions if found guilty, unfortunately, fans aren’t trying to hear the latter. Most are outraged about Williams’ comments and lack of regard for the slain teenager. Twitter has been a controversial stomping ground where fans have had absolutely no reservations about expressing their disapproval over Williams’ comments. Of course, some users simply stated their displeasure. But, then there were others who took things another level with various racial slurs.

Here’s what a few fans have had to say:


Although race relations can be a typically intense topic of discussion, Williams hasn’t ever had a problem sharing his opinion. Earlier this year, Williams sat down for a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey, where opened up about what he considers “the new black” of present day times.

“The new black doesn’t blame other races for our issues,” he said. “It’s not about pigmentation; it’s a mentality.”

So, fans shouldn’t be too surprised by his words. But, of course many are obviously appalled.

Do you agree or disagree with Williams’ opinion of Michael Brown? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook, Pharrell Williams]