Fordham U Students Setup Birth Control Clinic Just Off Campus

After administrators at Manhattan’s prestigious Fordham U Catholic university refused to provide a birth control clinic students on campus decided to take matters into their own hands.

Working with local doctors a make-shift clinic has been setup just one block away from Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus. At the clinic students can receive free condoms and birth control prescriptions.

The operation is organized by Law Students for Reproductive Justice, a group that is protesting the schools refusal to give out birth control through university health insurance while charging a $100 “per condition” deductible for students to receive contraception from an outside doctor.

According to the group the school is engaged in “bait and switch” tactics by charging students for health care but then refusing to meet their needs in a financially viable way.

The law students told the New York Daily News:

“The university’s position seems to be ‘What do you expect, this is a Catholic school?'”

They continue by noting that while the school features a “religiously diverse student population” many students are stunned to learn just how bad the “Catholic aversion to birth control” is, or “don’t expect it to affect health care.”

In the meantime school officials are not apologizing for their ways, stating that as a Catholic university they are following the reproductive views of the church.

Do you think the university has erred by charging $100 for contraception related visits that are obtained through off-campus doctors or should students at a Catholic university not complain about the religious organizations views?