Man Free-Falling: Footage Shows Him Jumping Out Of Airplane Without A Parachute, Check Out How He Survived [Video]

[The man in the video is a trained professional. Do not try to attempt this stunt.]

You probably wouldn’t believe it if you haven’t seen it for yourself! As outlandish as it may sound, one man reportedly jumped out of an aircraft without of parachute. However, the outcome definitely wasn’t fatal as most people would expect. As a matter of fact, he’s just fine! Now, most people are wondering how he achieved such a far-fetched feat. Apparently, he jumped from the plane onto a trampoline.

On Friday, November 21, the jaw-dropping footage was uploaded and shared via Facebook by Sector 6. According to the caption for the video, the man’s free-falling adventure took place at a California Park. However, no exact location was provided. The footage revealed the stunt was done by a sky-diving enthusiast named Travis. In the video, Travis can be seen free-falling from 9,000 feet in the air without a parachute onto a huge trampoline. He was also equipped with a geomagnetic traveling device to ensure his safe landing.

Now, the stunt has reportedly caught the attention of millions. In less than one week, the video has garnered more than 10 million views, over 258,000 shares, and over 58,000 likes. However, the interest isn’t exactly lauded by all viewers. Although the jump was reportedly successful, some are actually questioning the authenticity of the insanely dangerous stunt. Jumping from high altitudes and landing on a trampoline may sound relatively simple, but its actually quite complex — so perplexing that many viewers are questioning the footage from a scientific perspective. Can a person really jump from such high altitudes and land on a trampoline without overly excessive force from gravity?

Of course, there are many believers. But, lots of people refuse to believe a person can achieve such a far-fetched stunt. Here’s what viewers are saying.

“No way, the g forces of coming to a dead stop would have pulled all his guts and organs right out of his a–,” wrote Jeremy Lamonte.

“It must be true. If you slow down the frame rate of the video as he approaches the hole in the roof you can see a unicorn on the other roof holding a donut watching him,” another viewer said sarcastically.

“Straight BS. His back woulda cracked in half when he sat/bounced. Ironically cut off right when he went in hole. They sent a cam down “as him”. Then he jumped from the roof and sliced it to look as he did it. 120mph into a trampoline and yall really think he made it in that hole and landed all perfectly with no damage. D—, go watch the NEWS if yall that gullible,” wrote Jonathan Robertson.

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[Image via Facebook, Sector 6]