Frank Ocean Gives Black Friday Gift To Fans – A New Song, ‘Memrise’

Singer Frank Ocean has decided to give a Black Friday present to all of his fans and critics by releasing a brand new song, “Memrise.”

Frank Ocean released the new track online through his official Tumblr account on November 28.

The 27-year-old “Thinking About You” singer has not released an album in two years, which has had quite a few fans and critics wondering if he was perhaps a one-hit wonder or not. However, “Memrise” provides fans and critics with a solid reminder about why they fell in love with Frank Ocean’s music in the first place.

Frank Ocean revives the poetic yet sensual flavor of “Thinking About You” with the eccentric side of “Forrest Gump” and blends it all together in “Memrise.” Even though it might seem like more of an acquired taste (especially if you are not very familiar with Frank Ocean’s previous album), “Memrise” seems like it will be the type of song that grows on you the more that it is played on the radio and rotated on your MP3 playlist.

Within “Memrise,” Frank is very serious about a special someone, and asks if he could come over. He then continues to express just how serious he is about that person.

Quite a few Frank Ocean fans have already tweeted about their reactions to “Memrise.”

Some have been pleasant.

Frank ocean new song released #Memrise #frankocean

— junirez (@junirez) November 28, 2014

Others have been,well — not as pleasant.

Memrise sucks

— Dsims (@Dskysimss) November 28, 2014

What do you personally think about the new Frank Ocean song? Will Frank Ocean be able to match the commercial and critical success of Channel Orange with his new album?

[Image Credit: Huffington Post]