Consumer Reports Warns Of Arsenic Containing Fruit Juices

James Johnson

Fruit juices, namely Apple juice and grape juice should not be given to children according to a recent investigation conducted by the team at Consumer Reports.

According to the publication out of 88 studied samples cancer causing arsenic was found in 10% of juices investigated and those levels exceeded safety standards set for federal drinking water. The report also revealed that 25% of the products sampled exceeded the levels of led deemed safe for bottled water.

After realizing the potential hazard caused from their sampled products the groups advocacy arm Consumers Union asked the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to set required safety levels for fruit juices.

One Consumer Reports scientist told NBC:

“What we’re talking about here is not about acute affects ... We’re talking about chronic effects. We’re talking about cancer risk."

I personally would like to know if high arsenic levels are a new occurrence in our fruit juices or a new development brought about by certain processing methodologies.

Do you buy into the notion that many of the juices our children drink are high in potentially life threatening materials?

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