Pamela Anderson, 53, Stretches Across A Bed In Skimpy Attire For Black-And-White Instagram Shot

Pamela Anderson showed off for her Instagram followers, sharing a black-and-white photo where she was in bed while wearing a skimpy outfit.

The 53-year-old model took to the site to share the picture, which appeared to match a series of other revealing snaps that she has posted in the past few weeks. This image, shared in her Instagram stories, featured her on a bed while wearing a tiny silk outfit that showed off plenty of leg. With her blond hair tousled and obscuring most of her face, Anderson reached forward and arched her back as she reclined on her stomach.

The shot is the latest artistic offering from the Playboy model turned Baywatch star, who has used her social media feed to share a number of snaps from a photo shoot by Karolina Turek. The photos showed Anderson in a variety of revealing attires, including a picture posted last month where she wore a white dress and sat on the floor with her legs spread apart. She showed off plenty of cleavage and even went topless in some of the images, though the one shared in her Instagram stories on Friday was slightly more conservative as she mostly stayed covered on top.

Pamela Anderson poses on the red carpet.
Getty Images | Carlos Alvarez

The image showing Anderson laid out in bed looked similar to others in the popular series, which was originally published earlier in the year. As she stretched out, the sun could be seen shining onto the covers and casting the shadow of a four-paneled window. The structure looked strikingly similar to one that was prominently featured in another recent shot that her followers had already seen. Earlier in the week, Anderson shared an image of herself leaning out an open window while wearing a tiny white dress that just barely covered her curves. She had tagged Turek in this shot, as she had in several other snaps posted in recent weeks.

Anderson has been using her social media -- especially the images from the recent photo shoot -- to connect with followers while promoting a new project that serves a similar goal. She signed on as a creative director for the social platform Jasmin, which connects people to influencers and experts on a range of topics. As Anderson told the Irish Times, the new venture helps people connect.

"Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger than a friend or parents," she says. "We need to communicate. Humans need humans."