Lana Del Rey Hit Gets Fresh Remix By Tom Vek [Video]

The popular Lana Del Rey hit “Brooklyn Baby” has just gotten quite the remix. Tom Vek, the London musician, has taken the hit and added a fresh perspective to it.

Lana Del Rey released her most recent album, Ultraviolence, this past June, and it became very popular, hitting number one in both the U.S. and the UK. “Brooklyn Baby” was the fourth track to be released. The original “Brooklyn Baby” has a “melody reminiscent of 1960’s girl-group hits before moving into Del Rey’s typically languid, dreamy soundscape,” says Miriam Coleman of Rolling Stone.

Del Rey, a native New Yorker, has mentioned her hometown in many different songs like “Diet Mountain Dew” and “Off to the Races”, but in this one, Coleman says she pokes fun at “the regional music scene.” With lyrics like, “I think I’m too cool to know you” and “I’m churning out novels like Beat poetry on Amphetamines,” it’s easy to see how many would come to that conclusion. Del Rey tweeted back in June, though, that “I’m a Brooklyn Baby.”

I’M A BROOKLYN BABY… iTunes: YouTube:

— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) June 8, 2014

Many sang her praises, both for the song and her album, proclaiming themselves also as Brooklyn babies and putting her lyrics out there all over Twitter.

Tom Vek, the self-taught musician from London, released his third studio album, Luck, in June of this year also. While he is not as widely known as Del Rey in the U.S., he might just be after you hear his remix of the Del Rey’s “Brooklyn Baby.” Vek tweeted earlier this week, sharing the release of the remix.

Gigwise applauds his efforts with the remix and the way he combined the original track with house beats, saying that the remix retains “the sultry elements of the original but throws in a whole heap of melody and atmosphere. This isn’t your average house remix.” Many are enjoying the hit the second time around.

And so after giving new life to it, Tom Vek has taken the Lana Del Rey hipster anthem and made it a hit once again.

[Photo Courtesy of Jaguar Cars MENA]