Kim Kardashian Wants To Pose Nude Again — But This Time, With One Difference

Kim Kardashian posed nude for a Paper Magazine photoshoot that appeared earlier in November, and apparently the nude shots generated such an enormous publicity payoff that she now plans to pose in the buff yet again — but this time, if reports emerging this week are correct, she won’t be alone.

While the Paper Magazine shoot created one of the largest publicity boosts of her publicity-dependent career, appearing nude before the world was anything but a new experience for the 34-year-old Kardashian. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star launched her career by appearing in a 2007 sex video, in which her partner was the rapper William Ray Norwood, who goes by the stage name Ray J.

Kardashian has always maintained the explicit video of her engaging in sex acts with Ray J was never intended for public viewing. Nonetheless, the recording under the title Kim K Superstar not only made her a household name, but earned her $5 million in a legal settlement with the video’s distributor Vivid Entertainment.

The Kim Kardashian sex tape has gone on to become the most-watched pornographic video of all time, with a reported 93 million views after a recent surge that followed her Paper Magazine nude photos.

Shortly after the debut of her reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim posed nude for Playboy Magazine.

So it seems only natural for Kim Kardashian to pose au naturel yet again. But this time, according to a report this week, she will have a partner — her current husband, 37-year-old rapper Kanye West.

According to a source close to the celebrity power couple, Kim and Kanye — known to their fans jointly as “Kimye” — plan to pose for a series of “gallery worthy” artistic nude photos depicting the pair “lying naked in a loving embrace.”

The idea for the new nude shoot, the source said, came not from Kim Kardashian this time, but from West, who was reportedly “inspired” by the nude shot of Kim Kardashian’s exposed posterior that appeared on the Paper Magazine cover.

In fact, claims another source, the College Dropout rapper is so “obsessed” with the nude photos of his wife that he is having the portrait of her nude butt framed, and that he “bows down” to Kim Kardashian and her famous hourglass figure “every day.”

The new Kim Kardashian nude shoot with Kanye West will apparently be conducted secretly, but the couple plans “a big reveal party once it’s done!”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who have a combined net worth of about $155 million, would follow in the footsteps of the original, controversial celebrity couple to pose nude, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who appeared fully unclothed on the cover of their 1969 album of experimental music, Two Virgins.