‘Star Wars Episode 7’ Trailer Hits, And This Is The Teaser You Were Looking For [Video]

The first Star Wars Episode 7 trailer has arrived, and unlike the previous teaser, this isn’t fan-made. Yes, fans, this is the teaser you were looking for.

The much-anticipated teaser is officially here, and it raises a lot of questions, but not “is it real.” This one is hosted on YouTube’s official Star Wars channel, so it is legitimate and not the fan-made Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer revealed earlier this week on the Inquisitr.

There was also an alleged “cam” trailer released, but it was really just a low quality recording of a Mega64 parody in a dark room.

The official Star Wars Episode 7 trailer begins with a pan of Tatooine, the famous desert planet that the franchise itself began on when Luke was still a farm boy. Suddenly we get our first glimpse of John Boyega in a Storm Trooper uniform.

This could draw a massive groan from audience members thinking that J.J. Abrams decided to go racist and make another black man a bad guy. The expression on Boyega’s face is that of terror though, and he could be one of the heroes in disguise, attempting to hide from the re-formed Empire.

The prominent voice-over may be that of the real villain, much like the teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron, teasing the episode title The Force Awakens.

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?”

Soon after this shocking introduction, we see what could be a new version of Artoo, as a dome-topped droid rolls panicked, its body a literal ball. The droid could be running from the same thing Boyega’s character is.

Next we get a glimpse of the new Storm Troopers in formation, readying their blasters as a door drops open for them in a dusty surface. Next we get a glimpse of Daisy Ridley on a very different speeder bike, dressed a lot like Leia was in Return of the Jedi, and starting the vehicle before racing away toward a distant structure which could be Mos Eisley.

Oscar Isaac makes an appearance as a rebel pilot who appears to be getting chased by Imperial fighters.

The moment many of us have been waiting for is finally revealed in the official Star Wars Episode 7 trailer, as the villain is revealed in a forest, with a lightsaber which ignites three ways forming a “t.”

He speaks again as he poses with the new weapon.

“The dark side and the light.”

Next we get another chase scene featuring the Millennium Falcon, which uses a less intrusive version of the famous J.J. Abrams lens flare before the title animates into view.

What do you think of Abrams’ take on the franchise so far? Does this Star Wars Episode 7 trailer live up to expectations?

[Image via Twitter]