Fly A Water-Powered Jetpack For $100,000

I’m a big fan of open waters, fast boats and jet skies but there’s just something about Florida’s JetLev Technologies that makes me want to ditch those favorite pastimes and take to the watery skies.

Yes I said watery skies and that’s because the company $99,500 water-powered jet pack does just that, allows users to hover 15-30 feet above open water.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel the company has sold 70 of the machines which are being used in most cases as a rental device for $250 per 45-minute session. According to the company:

“Most people are up and flying on their own in about five minutes.”

In describing how the water/aircraft flies the publication says it’s like “gliding” 15-feet above the water (with a maximum height of 30 feet) at the speed of an average jog (approximately 5mph) although speeds up to 28mph can be achieved.

In describing their new product known as the JetLev R200 the devices designer Raymond Li says he was inspired by the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball.

If you’re curious to learn how the machine works it basically features a floating pod with a 200-horsepower engine that connected to a 33-foot hose, as the engine grab water it shoots out both sides of the pack.

Would you be willing to pay nearly $100,000 for a water jet pack? For an additional $3,500 the company will even provide buyers with a custom color pack of the buyers choosing.