Lady Gaga Has An Unlikely Collaborator In What Techno Godfather?

Even though many say that Lady Gaga is in a bit of a lull at the moment, it wasn’t that long ago that she was producing some of the innovative pop music of the decade — “Bad Romance” in particular was one of the scariest sounding mainstream hits in years, particularly when paired with its accompanying music video. But at the core, all of Lady Gaga’s songs are still pop — even if there’s an undercurrent of something sinister beneath them.

Fans can now get a hint at where some of the darker techno sensibility in Lady Gaga’s music comes from. A few weeks ago, she performed with Birmingham techno godfather Surgeon, who recently spilled how the whole duo came to be to Bloc Magazine.

“I’m interested in many different artists and believe that there’s always something to learn from all great performers. In October my wife and I went to the Lady Gaga concert in Birmingham and I was very surprised to hear one of her support acts, Lady Starlight playing a ‘real’ techno live set. She made a real point to tell the slightly confused audience that she was playing techno live using hardware. Then she said, ‘I’m happy to be playing in Birmingham tonight as one of my techno heroes, Surgeon is from here.’ To say I was surprised is a massive understatement!”

Surgeon and Lady Gaga got together soon after the show to talk about music — where Surgeon was surprised to find that he agreed with a lot of Gaga’s ideas about their respective careers.

“We realized that we shared many, many core ideas on music, art and performance. She’s like the techno sister that I was separated from at birth. Since their tour was returning to Birmingham in November we had the idea to perform together. It all came together very naturally.”

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Lady Gaga and Surgeon were obviously well received by the crowd, but working together the two really feel like they have come across something special, says Surgeon. Though Surgeon himself is surprised to be working with the likes of Lady Gaga, he assures diehard fans that it’s a great fit.

“Of course we knew it would surprise people. It’s so absurd, I would never have imagined it in a million years before we met, but when the universe holds up such a massive sign, I have to pay attention. It’s been a chance to really provoke people and force them to assess their ideas on the connections between different styles of music. The context of music and many other ideas. Separation is an illusion.”

What do think Lady Gaga’s next album would sound like if she pulled in collaborators like Surgeon?

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