Pregnant Kate Middleton Spotted Lugging Plastic Bags Around On Shopping Spree: Has The Duchess Got Black Friday Fever?

A pregnant Kate Middleton was recently photographed clutching a handful of garish plastic bags brimming with bargains, is nobody immune from Black Friday fever one asks?

With Black Friday turning large swathes of rational minded and normally civilized people into hordes of raging and unthinking consumerists who will happily trample family and friend underfoot just to get their grasping and clammy hands on a discounted 40-inch flat-screen TV, one would hope that the landed gentry and members of the British royal family such as Kate Middleton would be above such militaristic materialism and fish-eyed avarice.

Yet when pictures of a pregnant Kate purposefully strutting down a high street in a quaint Norfolk town appeared in the Daily Express, fans of the Duchess feared the worst. Has Kate been brought down with a deadly dose of Black Friday fever? Many concerned Middleton fans asked themselves over their champagne and cornflakes.

Had a hormonal Kate succumbed to the siren call of the retailers and their seductive promises of a half-price tablet for Prince Harry, a discounted coffee machine for Prince Charles, a too good to refuse designer handbag for Queen Elizabeth, and an absolute bargain pair of silk pajamas for Prince William?

Fear not. Kate, who is 18 weeks pregnant, may have been snapped by the hungry paps on a shopping expedition, but the Duchess of Cambridge was on no greed-driven bargain hunt in a corporate consumerist hell, Middleton was merely enjoying a bit of retail therapy in the picturesque Georgian market town of Holt.

Accompanied by just the one bodyguard, Kate swanned around the independent stores which dot the high street of the quaint little U.K. town. And a royal visit by the likes of Kate Middleton is something shop owners such as Chloe Nelson appreciate very much.

“She looked lovely in a tartan cape as she left the Antiques Emporium and headed up the high street, what a great ambassador for shopping in local independent shops.”

Talking to the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press, Ms. Nelson added that it looked like Kate was carrying “quite a few bags” with her.