Jill Dillard Shows Off Growing Baby Bump For Thanksgiving, Shares Duggar Family Blessings [Photo]

Jill Dillard is expecting her first child and it appears that pregnancy is treating her well. In a Thanksgiving photo posted today, Jill is glowing and showing off her growing bump.

Jill posted to her Instagram the Thanksgiving photo that shows her growing baby bump along with a list of blessings that include her mother-in-law’s improved health, her husband, unborn son and, of course, God’s mercies.

“So many blessings to count this Thanksgiving… Mama Cathy is well, best hubby in the world, expecting a son, God’s mercies are new every morning! #happythanksgiving”

Jill Dillard Baby Bump
Image Credit: Instagram/jillmdillard

Jill wasn’t the only Duggar counting her blessings this Thanksgiving. In fact, the Duggar clan released a list of 19 things they are thankful for right now.

  1. “We are thankful for the Bible that reveals why God made each one of us and His loving plan and purpose for our lives.”
  2. “We are also thankful that the Bible teaches us what God wants us to do and not do.”
  3. “We are thankful for Jesus, God’s son who came to the earth 2,000 years ago, who lived a perfect life and taught us the true meaning of life.”
  4. “We are thankful for the Ten Commandments that make us realize that we all have lied, stolen something, or sinned in some way and need God’s mercy.”
  5. “We are also thankful for Jesus who laid down His own life, suffered being tortured and executed to pay the penalty for the things we have done wrong.”
  6. “We are thankful that we can know for sure that we are going to Heaven when we die by asking for Jesus’s forgiveness, turning over the control of our life to Jesus, and asking Him to take us to Heaven when we die.”
  7. “We are thankful for the joy that comes into our life when we become a follower of Jesus and how life starts to make sense.”
  8. “We are thankful [that] as we start reading the Bible, God will start directing our lives in a supernatural way.”
  9. “We are thankful that we can talk to Jesus and share everything with Him, and that He loves us no matter what we have done.”
  10. “We are thankful for God’s Holy Spirit that comes into our spirit after we become a follower of Jesus and helps us navigate through life.”
  11. “We are thankful for prayer, that it is not only us talking to Jesus, but Him also speaking to us in our heart and guiding our life.”
  12. “We are thankful for all of the examples in the Bible of people to model our lives after.”
  13. “We are thankful for the close fellowship and encouragement we can have with others who are also seeking to live for Jesus.”
  14. “We are thankful for the closeness a family can have when each family member is committed to serving God and each other.”
  15. “We are thankful for the joy that comes when we take the opportunity to share with others how they can also have a relationship with Jesus.”
  16. “We are thankful for our country that was founded as one nation under God!”
  17. “We are thankful for all of the women and men who are are in the military who are fighting to protect our freedom, and we are thankful for those in the past who have even given their lives for our country.”
  18. “We are thankful we live America, a country that even though it is not perfect, it is a beacon of hope to everyone in the world!”
  19. “We are thankful for Thanksgiving Day, when each one of us can reflect on all of the blessings God has given us, and commit to make every day a thanksgiving day!”

What do you think of Jill Dillard’s latest baby bump photo? Does anything in (or missing from) the Duggar blessings list surprise you?