Work Out Dramarama: Jackie’s “Owning Up” Doesn’t Work

Heads are still rolling from recent episode drama on Bravo’s Work Out with Jackie Warner and her “SkyLab” gym. After a gym manager was caught insulting a client’s “manufactured” breasts, Jackie fires one of her trainers instead. I know, right? (Episode Recap Here)

Jackie issued an apology in which she effectively manages to skirt the issue at hand while simultaneously blaming the network itself. This is probably not a very good idea, but Jackie is so balls-out that none of it really surprises:

Please remember that this is a show and that 90% of the beautiful and inspiring work we did was left on the cutting room floor. The producers decided (regrettably) to create through editing a very different and what I think a very negative show. (

If you don’t watch the show, don’t start now! Everything’s downhill after this drama.