Mom Edmonds Shoots Intruder: Mom Shoots Intruder While Husband, Kids Sleep Inside Edmonds Home

A mom in Edmonds shoots an intruder while her husband and children were sleeping, and the story has made its way on to the Internet. According to the New York Daily News, the incident occurred at the family’s Edmonds, Washington, home at 3:15 a.m. on Thursday. A man decided to try and break into the house, but he did not get very far. Despite trying to push his way past the woman, she had a gun — and she was not afraid to use it.

The woman’s husband, and her three kids — ages 14, 10 and 5 — were sleeping while she defended her family and her home. Without thinking twice, the 33-year-old woman shot the intruder in the stomach, stopping him from doing harm or robbing her.

The mom in Edmonds called 911 before shooting the intruder, who has been identified as a 22-year-old male (shown in the photo above). According to Northwest Cable News, police located the man on the ground in front of the home that he tried to break into. He was taken into custody, but was taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for the gunshot wound. He is expected to be okay.

Police are still investigating, and believe that the man might have broke into another home in the neighborhood before running into the armed mom of three. Police said that they did smell alcohol on the man’s breath.

“There were the kids in the house. She was scared, and so she was doing what she could to protect her family,” said Edmonds Police Department Sgt. Bob Barker. She has not (and likely will not) be charged in the case.

The Edmonds mom who shot the intruder wasn’t the only person to ever protect herself and her family during a home break in. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a retired man from Atascocita, Texas, took it upon himself to stop two female intruders. He called 911, and grabbed his shotgun. The two suspects were identified as a 17-year-old and another woman in her mid-twenties. The younger woman had severe injuries to her arm and doctors said it may have to be amputated. The other woman had life-altering injuries as well, as she may have been paralyzed.

“You break into someone’s house, I believe you deserve to get shot. Cops don’t get there in time; there’s no way they would’ve got there in time,” said a neighbor. The homeowner was said to be cooperating with police. It is unknown if he was charged in the case.

[Photo courtesy of KOMO News video screen capture]