[Rumor] Dragon Age getting multiplayer, Dead Space getting an FPS game

The rumor mill is apparently churning out of control this week, with two new rumors popping up from Kotaku concerning two of EA’s high profile franchises.

First off, Kotaku’s “inside source” claims that, similar to BioWare’s other popular RPG franchise, Dragon Age will be getting multiplayer. The multiplayer is said to take place in arenas, with people facing off against enemies and eachother. Better (or stranger) yet, the rumor says that players will be able to assume the form of a fire-breathing dragon in the multiplayer mode.

Kotaku’s source didn’t go into too much detail on how that would work, nor was it made clear if this would be a feature of Dragon Age 3 or a completely standalone title. Whatever it ends up being packaged in with, the source goes on to claim that it will be running on DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, so we at least know it’ll look pretty.

For the next rumor, Kotaku’s source, presumably the same one, says that EA is looking to take the Dead Space franchise in.. interesting new directions. Kotaku reports that EA is looking into making a first-person shooter set in the Dead Space universe. Oh, and it gets better.

The source suggested that EA is working on not only a Dead Space FPS, but also a Dead Space flight game and an Uncharted-like game, also set in the Dead Space Universe.

EA, you have me at a loss.

Source: Kotaku (1), (2)