‘Faking It’ Spoilers: Karma’s ‘Complicated’ Feelings For Amy, Liam’s New Secret And Lauren And Theo’s Connection

For a half-hour series, Faking It manages to pack a lot into each episode, and that was true of the Season 2 midseason finale. Theo’s secret is revealed, Liam has to make a deal with his father, Lauren reveals her secret to the school without meaning to, Karma has quite the dream and Shane gets quite the surprise after he outs Duke.

As Entertainment Weekly puts it, “it’s kind of a relief that Faking It didn’t really attempt to outdo itself with the fall finale,” but enough happens to make it quite memorable. Karma’s parents are arrested for selling drugs — by Theo! — and Amy gets bit too aggressive with a police officer in order to join her best friend in jail to try to get her to forgive her.

It kind of works, though they’re not back to how they used to be just yet. The big twist comes at the end when Karma has this crazy dream about kissing Amy, and while teasing what’s coming up when the series returns, executive producer Carter Covington told TVLine that while the friends will be okay, it’s still going to be complicated going forward for them on Faking It.

“In the end, I really wanted fans to know that [Karma and Amy] are going to be OK. She’s going to forgive Amy and try to move forward in their friendship …That dream Karma had shows her feelings are complicated. There are definitely still trust issues. Plus, she was dreaming about herself kissing Amy, so what’s that?”

Meanwhile, Liam can’t escape his family business and makes a deal with his father to work at Skwerkel in order to help Karma and her family, and that’s something he’s going to keep from her for as long as possible. When he interns at Skwerkel, he’ll be working alongside Zita (Chloe Bridges), a “nihilistic” socialite TVLine has reported is “a little bit of a twist in the road for the Karma-Liam relationship” on Faking It.

Elsewhere, Lauren found out what Theo had been keeping from her: he’s an undercover cop. While he tells her it wasn’t real, Covington explained that he wasn’t being honest and he will be returning.

“Theo is definitely going to come back, and he’s going to want to explain himself to Lauren. There are so many obstacles to them being a couple, but when she asked, ‘Was any of it real?’ he only felt pressured to say no because his boss was right there. We’ve always felt like his connection with her is real and genuine, so we’re going to explore that.”

When Lauren confronted Theo, she blurted out that she told him she’s intersex in front of the school, and to her surprise, she received support for her campaign for class president. According to the Faking It EP, that leads to some mixed feelings for her.

“She’s becoming accepted for the one thing she still hasn’t fully accepted about herself. It’s a new coming out story that we’re playing with.”

Finally, Shane outs Duke to TMZ, but he gets more than he bargained for when Duke holds a press conference. He confirms that he’s gay and says he’s in love with Shane. Covington has teased that it’s not going to be so easy for them as Faking It uses this to explore athletes coming out in professional sports, how they’re supported and what that means in terms of sponsors.

“It’s kind of a ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario … Shane’s going to realize that he had Duke all to himself before he outed him. Now he’ll have to share him with a lot more people.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, MTV ordered 10 more episodes for Faking It Season 2 and the rest of the season will air in 2015. If the wait seems too long, rewatch “Busted” below.

What are you hoping to see when Faking It returns?

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