Western Union Singing Telegrams Return With Modern Twist

Western Union has decided that now is the time to bring back a classic favorite, the singing telegram.

While Western Union operators won’t actually be delivering the singing telegrams in person they are hoping that their modern twist on a favorite from the past will catch on.

Customers will soon be able to visit wu-singingtelegram.com where the can send a singing telegram featuring their own singing or the songs of various artists including Timbaland and Snoop Dogg.

The record audio messages are quickly and effectively delivered via email and the company says the program will be free to use through the New Year at which time charges will be applied.

Starting in 1933 the singing telegrams were a huge hit, something the company hopes to capitalize on now.

In the meantime other enterprising web company’s have recently been capitalizing on the practice with virtual strip-o-grams and candygrams.

The only big question now is whether or not modern web users and other customers will actually be willing to pay for such a service.