CM Punk’s Explanation For Leaving WWE Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With WWE

As many of you know by now, former WWE superstar CM Punk appeared on this week’s episode of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast and finally explained the reasons behind his leaving WWE.

What Punk had to say about WWE is extremely troubling, and it should cause major concern among WWE fans about the future of the business.

When I was listening to Punk tell the stories of what led up to his WWE exit in January, I was getting extremely frustrated for Punk, and his stories literally made me want to stop being a WWE fan.

One cause for concern is that Vince McMahon told Punk that the original WrestleMania 30 main event, which was going to be Batista vs. Randy Orton, was going to be the biggest main event of all-time. So, to clarify, Vince McMahon thought Orton vs. Batista in 2014 would be bigger than Rock vs. Cena in 2012, Rock vs. Austin in 2001, Austin vs. Michaels in 1998 and Hogan vs. Andre in 1987.

Punk also revealed that McMahon only cares about what’s going on with John Cena, which explains why WWE hasn’t developed any main event caliber stars since Cena. Yes, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk became big stars within recent years, but they did it on their own.

WWE never wanted or cared if Punk and Bryan were ever main event stars. If the fans never got behind either one of them, Punk and Bryan would have probably ended up like Cesaro. Everyone knows Cesaro should be a bigger star than he is, however, WWE has beaten him down so much that fans no longer care about him.

It’s been obvious over the last couple of years that Vince McMahon is extremely out of touch, and what Punk had to say about McMahon confirms that. Everything that Punk had to say about McMahon helps prove the point that I made about a week ago, which is that McMahon needs to step down as WWE’s head writer.

Punk also confirmed the fact that if a WWE superstar is able to “get over” on their own without a green light push, WWE will try to kill their momentum. They did it to Zack Ryder, and they tried to do it to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. However, Punk and Bryan were just too good.

Another issue that Punk exposed is that WWE has no long-term plans for anyone. Which is why someone like Brock Lesnar was beaten in two out of his first three matches back with WWE, and then when WWE decided they wanted to do something with Lesnar, the explanation for his losses was that he wasn’t 100 percent due to the fact that he was still suffering from diverticulitis.

When I was finished listening to Punk’s reason for walking out of WWE, I was extremely happy that he had left. Also, I never, ever want to see him go back.

Do I miss Punk in WWE? Yes. However, WWE never used him properly as Punk explained. So, if Punk ever did go back to WWE, I’d want to see him used properly and not just as a utility guy that loses to all of the part-timers.

It will be interesting to see how WWE reacts to what Punk had to say. Obviously, they won’t bring up his name on RAW or SmackDown. But WWE will likely react by punishing Punk’s wife and current WWE diva AJ Lee.

What I got out of Punk’s explanation is that there are major issues in WWE. Not only at the top, but among the WWE talent as well. Other than Punk and John Cena, nobody has the courage to try to change things. However, if anything is going to change, it starts with change at the top, meaning Vince McMahon has to go away. Until that happens, nothing is going to change in WWE.

[Image via Valerie Macon / Getty Images]