Leah Messer Wants Her Husband To Fight For Her?

Leah Messer’s relationship with her husband, Jeremy Calvert, is reportedly on the rocks. After Jeremy alleged on Twitter that Messer had cheated, there have been reports swirling about a possible divorce. However, at this point, neither Messer nor Calvert has confirmed a thing.

That said, the pair have been outspoken on social media, and in her latest post, Messer appeared to hint that she wants Jeremy to fight for her. On November 26, Leah Messer took to Twitter, where she re-tweeted a message written by Kanye West in February.

“Sometimes, what a girl does is push the guy away to see if he’ll still come back to her to test how much he actually wants to be with her. So be the guy who will call her back when she hangs up on you out of frustration. Be the guy who will chase after her when she walks away from you out of anger. Be the guy who will comfort her when she’s too stubborn to tell you what’s wrong. Be the guy to reassure her when she’s jealous that the other girl means nothing. Be the guy who will fight for her when she’s too afraid to stay in the relationship. Be the guy who will prove to her that she’s able to trust someone again. When she feels certain you’re the one, that’s when she’ll stop pushing.”

On Tuesday as the Inquisitr reported, In Touch Weekly claimed Calvert had filed for divorce after two years with wife Leah Messer.

“They’ve been having problems for a while now, and Leah cheating in October was the final straw,” a friend told the magazine. “She always thought she’d be able to win him back. The fact that she can’t has made her a total mess. She’s hit rock bottom. Leah wronged Jeremy and now she’s begging for his forgiveness, but he’s totally done with her.”

Hours after In Touch Weekly‘s report, a second report claimed the pair were still working on their marriage. Either way, it is clear these two have a lot of issues to work out, which will hopefully be easier now that Leah Messer has quit Teen Mom 2. According to the Inquisitr, a source recently spoke out, claiming Leah Messer left Teen Mom 2 after blaming the series for her marital issues.

“Things are still rocky for them,” a friend of Leah Messer told Radar Online. “Leah is doing everything she can to keep her family together, including leaving reality TV. All the attention from the show played a hand in one failed marriage, and she’s not going to let that happen again.”

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