WWE News: Big Names Returning To WWE TV, TLC Plans Already In Place?

Coming off a fantastic Survivor Series pay-per-view, the WWE has a primetime chance to finally get their gears back in order. The rating for Monday Night Raw came out, and it blasted previous episodes out of the water with 4.2 million viewers watching this week. Most of the audience wanted to see if Sting would appear. The Icon never showed up on Raw, but Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE programming also boosted the viewers. On a side note, hopefully Bryan can return to wrestling soon.

WWE has never been hotter in the news. It certainly helped that CM Punk finally came out with his whole story regarding WWE and the infamous departure. On a podcast with his best friend, Colt Cabana, Punk opened up about the entire situation that began back in 2011. I certainly recommend any wrestling fan on the planet to listen to it, as it will open your eyes on many things WWE.

Anyway, Survivor Series came and went, but now it’s almost TLC season. Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt is already confirmed, but that’s the only match that’s official. To add more to the TLC rumors, big names are expected to be back in the WWE and some of them are included in the TLC plans.

With regards to Rey Mysterio’s WWE status, officials still have plans to bring him back to TV, and as of now, it’s being said Rey, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar are all expected to be regulars on WWE TV very soon.

While WWE is still considering John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton for next month’s TLC PPV, Orton’s return to TV might be saved until the actual PPV itself.

Another match currently scheduled for TLC, and it will likely be a gimmick match, is Big Show vs Erick Rowan.

The most interesting name on that list is Rey Mysterio as the entire WWE Universe thought that relationship was severed months ago. He hasn’t been on TV in nearly a year, and when the huge story about his frustration came out, it looked like Mysterio was on his way to Lucha Underground or TNA.

Luckily for WWE, that never happened, so they can now utilize their top-Mexican wrestler and sell more shows. Even though his absence in WWE isn’t advertised on their website like Roman Reigns, the fans always remember Mysterio. He’s arguably one of the most-popular wrestlers in WWE history.

Reigns and Orton returning will add fuel to the main event talent pool. John Cena and Seth Rollins are doing a fine job with Dolph Ziggler making his way to the top, but there are never enough guys to help with the main event. Remember back to the late 90’s when the WWE had nearly six of them? When you look up the ratings, you’ll understand why.

When the WWE is ready, they will have to unleash their absolute best heading into Royal Rumble season. That’s due to the yearning for bigger storylines and mid-card guys wanting to jump to the top. WWE has them in stock, but it’s all about timing for them. I heard somewhere Friday Night Smackdown is getting bigger storylines come 2015. There is the platform.

[Image via wwe.com]