‘Mario Kart’ Comes To Life: Real-Life Mario, Wario, Bowser Drive Through Tokyo

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take your hat off to the Japanese and praise their magically wacky ideas. What have they done this time? Something amazing. A hoard of Mario Kart fans took to the streets of Tokyo, Japan, earlier this month to recreate the beloved game for real.

Around nine devoted fans of the game set off in the karts. Seven of them dressed perfectly as Waluigi, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, Mario and Wario.

However, two of them severely let down their fellow drivers by simply donning a Spider-Man and gorilla costume respectively.

I suppose the latter could be considered a Donkey Kong outfit at a push. But you’d have to be feeling very generous to give it such a label.

The event was organised by Akiba Cart, and one bystander was able to capture some footage of the Mario Karters darting through the city. However, it isn’t for the feint hearted because the drivers can be seen driving past huge cars just a few centimeters off the ground while inside their flimsy go-karts.

If you’re interested in taking part in the activity, then you are in luck. According to the Telegraph, the event is actually held once a month.

But you have to bring your own Mario Kart costumes with you. Akiba Kart only provide the karts. It was just that this group of individuals ingeniously decided that they would all cosplay as the video-game characters to make their experience that tiny bit more memorable. Plus, it also immediately made them living legends across the world, too.

I know what you’re thinking, but unfortunately the Mario Kart posse decided not to bring green and red shells, large bananas and other devices to stop their fellow racers from driving.

With the large sways of actual traffic around them, it probably would have resulted in either a catastrophic injury or death if they had done that. Plus they were already living life on the edge enough as it was. Surely one of their costumes was perilously close to getting caught in the go-kart or one of the larger automobiles that was whizzing past them.

Still, despite this oversight, all you can do is tip your hat to the gang’s efforts.

If you don’t know what Mario Kart is you simply haven’t lived and should look to bring it into your life instantly.

What do you think of Tokyo’s real-life Mario Kart?

[Image via WGal]