PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Which One Will Take More 'Battle Damage'? [Video]

The PS4 vs. Xbox One debates still rage on. Owners of each console all believe their gaming system is superior to the other on some technical level, but the guys at Wired have put them to the test on a whole new battlefield.

This isn't a graphics comparison, and they aren't throwing out numbers to prove which one is more powerful. The games themselves aren't the issue of the day either.

Instead, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are being given the "Battle Damage" challenge. Jake and Michael from YouTube's VSauce are helping the hosts see how much abuse the two consoles can take physically.

Sony's console may be beginning to lose its edge to Microsoft's latest, due to the Xbox One price drop. Sales have nothing to do with it this time though, and the loser in this PS4 vs. Xbox One challenge is set to be sliced in two with a chainsaw.

The first test is a drop from five feet. Justin Johnson tells us he owns a PlayStation 4, and he thinks it's a better system, while his opponent tells him that the Xbox One has better games, like Halo. As the drop begins, the footage is slowed, and we clearly see the PS4 being the heavier of the two consoles and hitting the floor first. Both consoles seem to take the same amount of general damage on impact.

Booting them both up, the Xbox One appears to start up right away. Sony's machine goes into safe mode and checks its storage. Both seem to have survived the fall.

The next challenge is a drop from 15 feet, which is about the equivalent of dropping it off the roof of a single story building. The PS4 seems to take the worst damage, even landing on its hard drive side and practically breaking into pieces while Microsoft's machine simply loses the same panel as before.

Upon the second boot-up, it appears the PS4 vs. Xbox One "Battle Damage" challenge has a clear winner. Watch the video to see which one it is.

[Image via VR Zone]