Michael Brown’s Father Says Darren Wilson Is A Murderer [Video]

Michael Brown’s father, Michael Brown, Sr., says Darren Wilson is a murderer, and Wilson’s version of events is simply not true.

In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Michael Brown Sr. says Wilson intended to kill Michael Brown on that fateful day in August.

“He’s a murderer. He understood his actions. He understood exactly what he was doing. You know, he didn’t have a second thought, a pushback thought, or nothing. He was intending to kill someone. That’s how I look at it. He was going to kill someone at that point.”

Michael Brown’s father believes his son’s character was under attack in the months leading up to the grand jury decision, and Darren Wilson’s testimony only further vilified his son.

“They crucified his character. For people that don’t even know my son … the things that they are saying it’s just terrible. It’s terrible.”

Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, says she too does not believe Darren Wilson’s version of events nor does she believe her son would have ever taunted the officer. McSpadden says the grand jury decision not to indict Wilson was a devastating blow.

“We heard this and it was just like, like I had been shot. Like you shoot me now — just no respect, no sympathy, nothing. This could be your child. This could be anybody’s child.”

Regarding the statements her husband, Michael Brown’s stepfather, made after hearing Wilson would not be indicted, McSpadden says Louis Head was speaking out of anger when he told the crowd of protestors to “Burn this b***h down.”

“He just spoke out of anger. It’s one thing to speak and it’s a different thing to act. He did not act. He just spoke out of anger.”

Witnesses to the August 9 shooting gave the police and the grand jury differing accounts of what happened the day Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Prosecutor Robert McCullough, however, has said the grand jury made its decision based on physical evidence and facts, which contradicted many of the witnesses’ statements.

While the Ferguson grand jury decided against indicting Wilson, Attorney General Eric Holder has stated the federal investigations into the matter will continue.

No matter what happens going forward, Michael Brown’s father says he will continue speaking out for his son because he’s one of only a few who can since his son is dead, but Brown insists he wants to keep things positive in honor of his son.

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