Controversial Columnist Continues To Defend Darren Wilson And Insult ‘Saint Brown, The Thief And Thug’

It would appear controversial and attention seeking UK columnist Katie Hopkins just can’t stop jumping to the defense of U.S. police officer Darren Wilson, while at the same time, bad-mouthing and insulting the memory of Michael Brown.

Earlier this week, when a grand jury announced that Wilson would not be facing charges for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, American opinion was divided on the right or wrong of the decision. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, an opinionated columnist and part-time TV personality called Katie decided to weigh in on the racially-charged Wilson/Brown case in a big way.

Taking to Twitter, Katie felt it necessary to argue that Wilson should be given a medal for what she would appear to view as the equivalent of taking out the garbage.

“Brown was not shot for being black. Brown was shot for being a thief and a thug. Give the officer a medal. Justice with knobs on.”

Not appearing to consider the fact that shooting an 18-year-old six times can be considered a lot of things, but ‘justice with knobs on’ most definitely isn’t one of them, Hopkins decided to further defend Wilson’s actions and take the opportunity to stir things up a little more at the same time.

“All too often law enforcement is put on trial whilst the thug ends up canonised by the mob. Looting in memory of Saint Brown.”

Seemingly on a run and oblivious to whatever anyone may think about the Ferguson case, the simple truth that an 18-year-old had lost his life and a mother her child, Hopkins continued to insult the memory of Brown.

“If you play the Michael Brown video backwards – you will see he is actually running AWAY from the cop. Boll*cks. A juvenile arrest record including a charge for second degree murder. Sure Saint Brown sounds like a lovely child.”

Why this woman who lives thousands of miles away from Ferguson feels the need to defend Wilson so fervently and condemn Brown so viciously is perhaps better left to the psychologists.

It’s not known if Wilson, who recently declared on TV, “My conscience is clear,” appreciates or welcomes the support of big mouth antagonists like Hopkins, but for Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, such unnecessary comments about her dead son are only going to cause further upset and spark further anger, and what good does that do anyone?