Ann Coulter Clarifies: Dickweed, Not Douchebag in Rant on ‘Morning Joe’

Militant conservative Ann Coulter isn’t one to mince words.

Author of a series of books with increasingly alarming titles accusing the left of everything from godlessness to treason, Coulter isn’t above using strong language to get her point across. So when the flaxen-haired GOP-atrix appeared on Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe on MSNBC Tuesday, it wasn’t technically very surprising a large portion of her unvarnished opinion about some fellow Republicans was bleeped or muted- making the gist of her complaints unintelligible.

The audible portion of Coulter’s comments Tuesday morning went something like this:

“I’d rather have [?] McCain was consistent, he was [?] we have Romney and Gingrich [?], …what did I say? Douchebag?”

Which kinda reads like GOP Mad Libs! (Amusingly, the “douchebag” at the end wasn’t censored.) So later in the day, Coulter appeared on left-leaning Joy Behar’s show, and clarified her remarks about McCain, Romney and Gingrich. Coulter explained:

“I said ‘dickweed,’…They were talking about the lack of consistency, people complain about it with Romney…and I was just making the point, I don’t think consistency is the most important value. And you know, look at John McCain, he was consistently a dickweed.”

Lefty Behar and the conservative pundit then discussed whether Behar’s show had been cancelled due to a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and Coulter admitted that she appreciated Behar’s show and would miss it when it departs from the airwaves. Coulter lamented that Behar’s show was one of the few of its kind where she could avoid news about Casey Anthony, who Coulter dubbed a “white trash bimbo.”