Saddest Cities in US Ranked, St. Petersburg, Detroit Top List

Poor Detroit- it can’t even come in at number one on the list of America’s saddest cities.

Despite lack of horrific winters, St. Petersburg, Florida ranked up top on the Men’s Health saddest cities index, followed by Motor City in the second spot. Memphis, Tennessee came in third, with Tampa, Florida and Louisville, Kentucky in fourth and fifth places. St. Louis, Missouri; Birmingham, Alabama; Miami, Florida; Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada rounded out the top ten of depressing spots to live, according to the glittering abs mag.

Men’s Health describes the analysis as “more statistical than psychological,” and used sad factoids like suicide rates (via the CDC) and unemployment statistics (through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, through June 2011). Additionally the mag says they “tapped SimplyMap for the percentage of households that use antidepressants as well as the number of people who report feeling the blues all or most of the time to rank the cities in order of most sad ever to relatively and remarkably sad.

The site also ranks the happiest cities by the same index (note that the flipside doesn’t get nearly as much attention), and found Honolulu, Hawaii to unsurprisingly be the happiest city in the US ranked on the above criteria. However, the second happiest city in America is in far less of a tropical paradise- Manchester, New Hampshire came in second place, despite snowy winters. Fargo, North Dakota- also not known for it’s sunny climes- ranked third on the shiny, happy cities list, with Omaha, Nebraska and Boston, Massachusetts coming in at fourth and fifth places.