TNA News: Josh Mathews In As New Lead TNA Commentator, Mike Tenay Out

In a surprising report, it seems that TNA Wrestling will be switching thing up a bit from the commentator stand-point. TNA plans to reboot the company and change a great deal of things before appearing on Destination America, their new network that they signed with recently. We heard that TNA was planning to change many things from the graphics and logo to even how the show went.

Now, it appears that the commentator booth will get revamped with Josh Mathews taking over lead commentary duties from veteran commentator Mike Tenay. Mike has been with TNA since the beginning. In over a decade of work with TNA, he has called just about all of the biggest moments in company history. Before working for TNA, Mike was a WCW commentator and announcer.

Mathews has previously been working on a variety of projects since being signed a little while back. It is claimed that he is heading up the TNA website, as well as helping to come up with TNA’s new logo. Josh clearly has his finger in various pies within the TNA organization. Now, he will be a commentator yet again, something he excelled at in WWE.

It was surprising for many when it was announced that Mathews was gone from WWE. There have been reports claiming everything from him being cut due to downsizing to him simply not re-signing when his contract was up. Regardless of why or how he left WWE, the fact now is that he is with TNA Wrestling and will be a big part of their future. It can be assumed that with this move, TNA is planning to do a bit of a youth movement.

Mathews was taught how to commentate matches by the great WWE Hall of Famer himself, Jim Ross. Clearly, Mathews is good at the job. He has called WWE SmackDown shows and even worked WWE PPVs. So, if he can do it in the biggest wrestling company in the world, he surely can with TNA.

What does all this mean for Mike Tenay? While Taz will be staying with Mathews to call shows, Mike is said to be working in a backstage role. There is a thought that he might work Gorilla, feeding lines to Josh and Taz during broadcasts. Another rumor is that he will be simply working in the Talent Relations area of the company. Like his former broadcast partner Don West, Mike was pushed out of his broadcast role for seemingly a better talent. Mathews is younger, which is the real thing that helps him. His voice is also good and perfect for the direction TNA appears to be going.

As far as we know, Mike has not been released by TNA, and it is currently assumed he won’t be due to his vast experience in the wrestling business that TNA can continue to utilize. Still though, Josh taking over for him is a big move by TNA, and one that might get some heat. However, it makes a lot of sense long-term.

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