Selfie King James Franco’s 2015 Calendar Is A Francophile’s Dream

James Franco has been called a modern day renaissance man, and it seems that there is nothing he can’t do. He’s an actor, writer, poet, director, professor, artist and now calendar hunk. His latest collaboration is a 32-page 2015 calendar featured in the latest issue of Paper Magazine. You can view the full calendar online. The calendar has over 100 of Franco’s selfies and whether he’s in bed, shirtless, or cuddling cute dogs, fans can see the 36-year-old actor from every angle imaginable at any time of the day according to E! News.

James Franco Loves Selfies

In addition to his many selfies, the calendar features daily prompt instructions with hash tags. For example, on New Year’s Day you can take your own selfie to post with the hash tag, #resolutionselfie and also use the tags #FrancoPaper #James4aYear @papermagazine @JamesFrancoTV as James himself may be on the hunt to find the most creative fan selfie. The calendar is a useful tool to learn about everything Franco. Some of his favorite actors (Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogan), singers (Kurt Cobain, David Bowie), and authors (Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck). Birthdays are included but if you want to know who also inspired Franco, you have to scroll through the calendar to find out.

The calendar also features a hand-written note from Franco to his adoring “Francophiles.”

“Dear Friends and Family, I am so grateful for the community that has been created. I love that artistic and creative people are now able to find each other and not live lives of lonely, brooding isolation. I [heart] all of you. Keep shining, James Franco”

As previously mentioned, Franco is also an artist, and his latest series of paintings, “Fat Squirrel,” are currently being exhibited at the Siegfried Contemporary Private Showroom in West London as noted by Paste Magazine. This is not the first time Franco has exhibited his art—the actor had a show in New York earlier this year, but admits it wasn’t his proudest moment: “I know it was really bad,” he said in an interview about his new set of animal artwork.

The year 2014 has been a busy one for Franco professionally with several big projects coming out. His movie Palo Alto opened this year to positive reviews. His stage play, Of Mice and Men, was so successful that it was made into a movie version. James Franco’s personal life became a hot topic of discussion when it was revealed that he tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl through Instagram though many believe it was a publicity stunt designed to bring attention to Palo Alto since it had a similar story line. Also newsworthy, as reported by The Inquisitr, was his near nude selfie that he posted and quickly removed from Instagram. That selfie is not included in the calendar. Sorry Francophiles, maybe next year!