Google’s Astronomical Growth: A Complex Web Of Information Gathering And Innovation [Infographic]

Google controls a lot of information, in fact with their billions and billions of indexed web pages the company is believed to store more than 100 million gigabytes of indexed pages alone. With that type of indexing comes millions of computing hours that sends user request data up to 1,500 miles (on average) at speed results of less than 1/10th of a second.

Wanting to understanding how Google operates and their overall reach the team at promote your blog website Blog Search Engine have created a Google infographic that shows the huge scale of the company’s operations.

My favorite part of the company’s findings is that Google since 2003 has answered more than 450 billion unique visitor inquiries with more than 1 billion inquiries now being searched each and every day.

With Google Android, Google Translate, Google Earth and various other product lines the company’s data centers continue to grow and with them so does the amount of information Google must figure out how to control in an instant and streamlines process

Here’s the Google data infographic:

Google Infographic - Exploring The Search Company