WWE News: Backstage Update On Brock Lesnar’s ‘Monday Night Raw’ Status

Months have gone by and the WWE Universe still has yet to see Brock Lesnar during the winter season. His last appearance came at the Night of Champions pay-per-view when he faced John Cena for the second month in a row. After Lesnar’s demolition of Cena at SummerSlam, Lesnar was on top of the WWE landscape. At Night of Champions, Lesnar barely escaped Cena and needed interference from Seth Rollins to secure a victory by DQ. As you can see, his title reign has floundered slightly.

Rumors are continuously swirling about Lesnar’s return to WWE programming. Seeing that it’s been nearly two months exactly, the WWE fans are becoming restless and want to see their WWE World Heavyweight champion. It could just mean that this generation of wrestling fans needs a champion to watch.

To WWE’s credit, they are doing a fine job of booking talent in lieu of a major champion. Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and John Cena are filling in quite nicely at the top of WWE. Luckily for fans of Lesnar, his drought of TV appearances is about to end sooner rather than later. Along with his return in the near-future, Lesnar will get top billing.

The current plan is to promote all of the RAW shows that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar appears on during WrestleMania 31 season around Lesnar as the top draw as WWE believes he is the biggest ticket seller on the roster.

Lesnar was already the top guy in WWE, but now that solidifies it. Cena is a huge name, but Lesnar is more marketable than he is at this point in the WWE and Vince McMahon is realizing that. Even though the WWE World Heavyweight champion doesn’t come around all the time, the fans never forget about him. They clearly haven’t forgot about CM Punk either, but that’s beside the point.

Lesnar’s situation is becoming very popular backstage, as his contract was nearly duplicated for the newly-debuted Sting. The wrestling legend will get paid for each show and it will go on a pay-by-date basis, most likely. Apparently, it worked well for Lesnar so the WWE decided to do the same for the Stinger.

This WWE fan isn’t the only one that believes Lesnar is a very marketable name, but Jim Ross, legendary announcer, feels the same way. In a recent interview, Ross talked about the comparison between Muhammad Ali and Lesnar. He went into detail about Lesnar’s MMA fans not wanting him to succeed in the WWE. That would evidently make Lesnar retreat back to the UFC.

“That’s the beauty of it,” said Ross, as the WWE and UFC fans are more alike than they realize. No matter where Lesnar goes, he will be the top guy. After doing research about Lesnar’s run in WWE, he created more PPV buys than most in the company’s history. It goes for WWE too, as Lesnar’s name alone sold pay-per-views. He’s going to be used to sell Monday Night Raw in the future as well.

[Image via sportskeeda.com]