McDonald’s Finds Way To Skip San Francisco Happy Meal Ban, Make Kids Fatter

On Wednesday morning a new law will go into effect in San Francisco that bans the inclusion of toys with children’s meals if they don’t meet city defined nutritional guidelines and now it appears that McDonald’s franchise owners have found a way to avoid the ban and still provide a toy for children.

According to the company they will begin selling Happy Meals without toys and then sell the toys as an “add-on” for just 10 cents.

The company had originally planned to offer toys without a Happy Meal purchase for $2.18 but then decided that selling unhealthy meals to children was more important, at which time they changed to the $.10 add-on option.

At least one good thing will come from the company’s new plan, they will donate that extra 10 cents to Ronald McDonald House charities.

Since prices are likely to remain unchanged McDonald’s doesn’t lose anything in the deal and could in fact earn more money from the ban by claiming the extra $.10 charge as a charity write-off for tax purposes.

Do you think city officials need to work harder to enforce their rules or should parents be able to feed their children whatever they want without fear of penalty based on their food choices?

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