Airline Brings Passengers To Tears: Heartwarming Messages On Seatbacks Bring Passengers To Tears [Video]

An airline brings passengers to tears with their heartwarming idea, and it has now gone viral. According to Yahoo! News, Dutch airline KLM wanted to do something extra special for passengers who were “saying goodbye” to loved ones at the gate. The airline posted a video on YouTube, and over 200,000 people have already viewed it, most loving the idea. However, it was not an easy task for the airline to pull off.

“After scouring the departures terminal for teary goodbyes, KLM staff took friends and relatives aside and invited them to write a final surprise message that would be attached to flyers’ seatbacks. In a race against time, airline and airport staff at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport hurried to the aircraft and affixed the greeting to the right seats,” reports Yahoo! News.

The airline brought passengers to tears when they boarded the plane and saw the sweet messages waiting for them on their designated seats. According to the Huffington Post, the idea was brought on by the airline’s desire to give passengers a unique experience. KLM and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport launched a campaign called “Cover Greetings,” and people seem to love the idea of getting that extra message after saying their last goodbyes. It is just a little extra something to make them smile, and really, who doesn’t like a reason to smile?

Quite a few people know what it is like to stand in an airport and hug your loved ones goodbye, many times not knowing if or when they will see each other again. Often times parting ways is difficult, and airplane terminals are filled with people hugging and crying.

Traveling can be fun but it is also exhausting and, for many, it can be emotionally draining. For one group of passengers, a recent flight was physically tiring. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a group of strangers decided to take matters in to their own hands when their plane got stuck and couldn’t make it to the runway. Passengers got off the plane in Siberia and actually pushed it to the runway. The plane took off successfully after the oil in the landing gear froze. After the strenuous activity, all of the passengers arrived in Krasnoyarsk. Those passengers did not get “Cover Greetings,” but they should definitely get a little message from the airline thanking them for their help.

[Photo courtesy of Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons]