Siri Gets Rival On Android, Hacked To Work With Your Car

Siri, the intelligent natural language software agent/our future unholy robotic overlord (take your pick, puny human) developed by Apple and introduced with the iPhone 4S, is coming to other devices. But not completely legally.

A new hack called ‘SiriOus’ lets jailbroken iPhone 4’s, iPhone 3GS’s, and even fourth-gen iPod Touch’s to offer Siri’s voice dictation feature. There’s nothing new about Siri working on hardware older than the iPhone 4S. Before the 4S was announced, Siri was available as a standalone application in the App Store. Apple removed the app to integrate Siri exclusively to the 4S.

There’s also a rival version of Siri for Applephobic Android owners with Siri envy. ‘Cluzee’ apparently offers Siri-beating features, and is available on the Android Market now for Android-based devices. This ”intelligent personal assistant” was developed by a company called Tronton, and it does look pretty damn impressive in this (cheesy-as-hell) video:

Tronton claims Cluzee offers additional capabilities like personalized recommendations of restaurants based on the user’s previous choices, a health planner, a travel planner, notes management, personal radio and more.

All very impressive, but there are clearly still boundaries to be tested with Siri. Developer Brandon Fiquett, for example, has programmed voice-activated software that allows Siri to turn a car engine on or off, so long as the car has the Viper SmartStart system. With the right set-up, Siri can also lock car doors, turn on a car alarm, and open the trunk.

And you know what that means, people: it means ALL OF OUR DREAMS ARE NOW REALITY.