Mother Furious After Assistant Principal Shaves Her Son’s Head For Dress Code Violation, Students Watch

A New York mother is furious after her son’s head was shaved by the Assistant Principal of Notre Dame High School in Batavia for a dress code violation.

According to KFOR, an announcement went out over the school intercom for 17-year-old Lucas Hull to come to the cafeteria to discuss his new hairstyle. The student had just gotten his hair cut the day before in what is described as a “faux-hawk.” Apparently the hairstyle did not meet proper school dress code; therefore, the 17-year-old Hull was given a choice: go home or let the assistant principal cut his hair right then and there.

Hull was embarrassed so told the assistant principal he could just cut his hair. Little did he know, his hair would be cut right there in the cafeteria as other students watched. WHAM reports that the boy’s hair was completely buzzed in the middle of the cafeteria and according to the boy, not very well.

“It was a really bad haircut, I mean, there were patches where I could barely feel any hair.”

Photos taken of Hull’s hair following the cut show a patchy and uneven cut. Hull was then forced to stay in class all day following the “humiliating” incident.

“Just having people watch and have that done to you. It kind of felt humiliating and inhumane and you know, it kind of crushed my spirits for the day.”

Hull’s mother, Denise Hull, is furious over the whole ordeal. Denise says the assistant principal went out of his way to embarrass her son. Denise says no one had the right to put their hands on her son and to make that type of decision without first contacting the parent. Denise wishes she would have at least received a phone call so that a discussion could have taken place prior to buzzing her son’s head.

Aside from the bad haircut, Denise says she is more upset that his feelings were hurt in that way.

“What really upset me even more than the hair cut is how much his feelings were hurt for what had happened, I mean here is a good kid.”

Notre Dame High School has released a statement regarding the incident.

“The assistant principal has since apologized to the student, his parents, and the school community for his error in judgment in cutting the student’s hair in the student’s homeroom before discussing the violation with the student’s parents.”

The school also announced its Board of Trustees amended to the student dress code policy so that if a similar situation occurs, parents will be contacted before any action is taken.

This isn’t the first time the actions of a school regarding dress code has gained media attention. When two dozen girls were turned away from their homecoming dance for dress code violations, many parents questioned the strict policies.

What do you think of the assistant principal’s actions? What would you do if your child’s hair was shaved at school in front of other students?