Texas Pastor Refuses To Bury Coma Patient For Not Paying Tithes?

Recent reports state that Texas pastor Walter F. Houston refused to bury an elderly church member because of her not paying tithes to the church in a number of years.

Barbara Day, daughter of 93-year-old Olivia Blair, opened up in an interview with KRIV FOX 26 about the pastor’s rejection to bury her mother.

Olivia Blair was a member of the Fourth Missionary Baptist Church for five decades. After being in a coma for several months, according to her daughter, Blair died more than a week ago. Day claims that her mother’s only wish was to be buried in that church.

“There was nothing else that I could do for my mommy but funeralize [sic] her in the church that she loved and worshiped all of her life, even as a little girl.”

According to Day, Olivia Blair stopped paying tithes two years ago due to her severe illness, which only worsened over time.

“For the last two years, my mother has been in either a nursing home or she’s been in a hospital. And the last few months, she was in a coma!”

Barbara Day tried to discuss the matter further with Pastor Houston. However, according to Day, Houston refused to bury her mother since she had not attended the church for years, nor paid any dues.

Tyrone Jacques attempted to plead with Pastor Walter F. Houston, in reference to his decision to refuse Olivia Blair’s burial. In an interview with KRIV FOX 26, Jacques confirmed that the Texas pastor was not even willing to apologize and would not reconsider his decision.

When Barbara day asked the Texas pastor to explain why no one had visited her mother to check on her while she was still alive, Walter F. Houston reportedly replied by saying that it was family’s responsibility to notify him of her condition.

Raw Story reports that there was one question in particular that angered the family the most as they tried to discuss the situation with the Fourth Missionary Baptist Church pastor.

“If the family cared so much, why didn’t they at least send a dollar to the church a week to reserve her membership?”

Tyrone Jacques of PimpPreacher.com is reportedly sponsoring the “Olivia Blair Project” to raise awareness on the abuses of tithing as well as the “horrific financial trauma” experienced by elderly ones and fixed-income households.

According to Washington Times, Pastor Walter F. Houston refused to make any comments on camera when asked by FOX 26.