Apple and Google Reject CTIA Proposal For Mobile App Ratings System

Google and Apple have both rejected a mobile app rating system that was first proposed by Cellular Telecommunications Internet Association (CTIA).

CTIA hoped to launch the ratings system in an attempt to prevent “unnecessary government regulation” while unifying ratings across various provider platforms.

Under the program the ratings are governed by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) who would evaluate each application and provide recommendations based on violence and sexual content.

While Google and Apple both currently offer their own ratings systems those ratings can very between their two platforms, even when the same application is being taken under consideration.

Speaking about their own ratings system a Google spokesperson recently said that the Android ratings system works well enough on it’s own while an Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

In the meantime Microsoft, AT&T and Verizon have agreed to use the ESRB rankings for programs stored in their own app stores.

To activate the ratings system developers simply answer a questionnaire at which point apps are investigated for a rating.

Do you think a universal application rating system should be implemented to stop any consumer confusion as more customers take to multiple platforms for daily use, many who choose Google Android and Apple iOS options?