Ex-Frat-Boy Turned Author Tucker Max Shares Thoughts On Bill Cosby

If anyone knows about objectifying women, it’s Tucker Max. The frat boy author has practically made a career writing about his sexcapades. With books like I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, A**holes Finish First, Hilarity Ensues, and Sloppy Seconds to hear that Max would have an opinion on the Bill Cosby sex scandal isn’t surprising. When it comes to sex, Max has more than a few thoughts about it. What’s surprising is hearing Max try to vilify Cosby by painting himself as a saint.

For Tucker Max, ex “fratire” writer turned father, he’s called a spade a spade for ten years and he’s not afraid to tell anyone who will listen. In an interview with Salon, he spoke about the hate he has had to endure because of his writing. Although he doesn’t think he should endure such hate, he does think Bill Cosby is someone who is deserving of it.

“That’s a dude who deserves to be attacked … That s**t frustrates me a lot because that’s a real villain. Let’s all go after the real bad guys.”

When the conversation turns to narratives in the media highlighting sexual assault, Max brings up Cosby again and explains that he’s known the truth all along, and that he’s not surprised.

“You know what’s f***ed up about the Cosby thing? I know one of the reporters who broke one of those women’s stories like 10 years ago and no one f***in’ paid attention! I’ve been calling Cosby a rapist for 10 years and people look at me like I’m the bad dude.”

Continuing to describe how biased the media is and how people tend to cherry pick who they want to pick on, Tucker brought Cosby up as an example again.

“Bill Cosby’s a monster and I hope he goes to jail. I didn’t know this stuff, who knew this stuff? You don’t hear it in media. It’s weird, on the one hand there is a section of media that attacks … where were those people on Cosby five years ago or five months ago? That’s a dude who deserves to be attacked. Ugh.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Bill Cosby has been facing or dodging rape allegations, which resurfaced after allegations were made ten years ago. Currently there are 19 different allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior between Cosby and women that trusted the actor prior to his alleged actions.

Do you agree with Tucker Max’s comments?

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