Rich Connecticut Financiers Win $254 Million Lottery

Three rich Connecticut businessmen hit it big when they purchased a $1 lottery ticket that turned out to be a $254 million winner.

The prize is the largest in state history and because the men held onto the ticket for nearly a month without alerting lottery officials the state ended up placing billboards all over the area to hunt down the winner.

According to the New York Post the three owners of an asset-management company bought the ticket together and drove to the lottery officer in a giant limo to pick up their giant check.

In the meantime lottery winners Tim Davidson, Brandon Lacoff and Greg Skidmore have placed their winnings in a trust, which after taxes contains $103.5 million.

While it may appear that a bunch of rich businessmen are just lining their pockets further the lawyer for all three men says much of the money will go to charity while noting:

“This is going to benefit many people.”

One person already happy for the win is the stores owner who collects $100,000 for selling the winning lottery ticket. Upon hearing the good news the stores owner announced:

“Christmas comes a little early this year.”

It’s nice to see a lottery winner who knows how to manage their money, especially since they will be managing to give much of it away to groups in need.