Ferguson Decision Protestors Chant ‘F**K CNN’ On Live TV [Video]

In immediate aftermath of the Ferguson decision, some protestors have not been shy about registering their disapproval or disappointment with the coverage by CNN.

Protests have occurred in cities across the country, in addition to the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, after Monday’s night announcement that a grand jury had declined to indict officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown.

A CNN reporter covering a NYC protest last night found himself engulfed with chants of “f**k CNN,” including one of the marchers apparently flipping the bird at the camera (see embed below). The reporter himself admitted that the mostly peaceful but angry marchers were expressing something other than love for CNN.

Back in the studio, the chanting prompted CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to note that “seems like people are playing for the cameras, so let’s move on from that.”

Protestors in the Big Apple shut down the FDR Drive and the Lincoln Tunnel as part of civil disobedience.

In Ferguson Monday night, a man interrupted a live shot by CNN’s Don Lemon, Van Jones, and Chris Cuomo to similarly chime in with “f**k CNN.”

In a separate incident, one protestor confronted CNN reporter Jason Carroll and shouted “You do not understand. You are promoting a certain narrative.”

Ferguson coverage has posed other challenges for the CNN crew on the scene. As the Inquisitr previously reported, CNN reporter Sara Sidner was struck by a rock while reporting from Ferguson. Sidner was pointing out the many buildings that protesters have set on fire, explaining to viewers that you can hear explosions when she was struck in the head. She reacted instinctively and ducked. She briefly held her head with her right hand after the assault was caught on camera. Sidner shook off the incident and continued with her live coverage about what was taking place around her. Another CNN reporter had debris thrown at her by a group of protesters outside of McDonald’s.

Don Lemon, who has come under some criticism during the Ferguson coverage, got into a heated argument with colleague Jones on Tuesday morning. Lemon insisted that authorities have engaged in too much political correctness in trying to appease what he called those violent people “marauding the streets.” Jones countered that the vast majority of individuals on the streets in Ferguson were peaceful.

Following the Ferguson decision Monday night, do you think CNN has provided fair or distorted coverage of the protests around the country? Do the protesters have a legitimate beef with CNN?

[Image via YouTube]