George Michael Continues To Fend Off Illness

Singer George Michael is “getting better and better” everyday according to a source close to the celebrity. Michael was recently hospitalized in Vienna with a bad case of pneumonia that in turn placed him under observation.

The singer on Friday announced that he would be cancelling the rest of his 2011 tour dates after being admitted to the hospital on Nov. 21. While reports began circulating that Michael was suffering from more than a bout of pneumonia his publicist says it’s just pneumonia and:

“Any other speculation regarding his illness is unfounded and untrue. He is receiving excellent medical care. He is responding to treatment and slowly improving.”

Michael is no stranger to bouts of illness which have come about from years of substance abuse and general failings to his health.

In August 2010 George Michael checked himself into a “detox program” after being arrested when he crashed his car into a building, then in October 2010 Michael was sent to rehab again followed by four weeks in jail for his drug-fueled car wreck.

At 48-years-old Michael is now no stranger to strange infections ravishing his body, on Oct. 26 he cancelled a London performance and was checked into the hospital for a viral infection and a high body temperature.

When George Michael will begin touring once again is anyone’s guess, in the meantime his rep says he’l continue to rest and get the treatment he needs.

Are you surprised that a life of drugs and hard partying has ravished Michael’s body at such an early age?

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