Austin Mahone Shames ‘Hollywood Life’ For False Camila Cabello Breakup ‘Reason’

Austin Mahone isn’t afraid to call out a falsehood when its necessary. We are, of course, talking about Hollywood Life‘s “shocking reason” story regarding his recent split with Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello.

After Cabello revealed to KISS 96.1 earlier this week that she and Mahone were “actually not together anymore,” Hollywood Life claimed a “source” said, “She wanted to tell people [they were dating] and he wanted to keep it low key.”

The “source” went on to claim that “when she revealed that they were dating, he accused her of using it to sell albums and she was hurt by that and they both decided to break up.”

Like most Hollywood Life claims, the story was an attention-getter.

It just wasn’t true.

And on Tuesday, Mahone made sure the notorious outlet knew it. After the site tweeted a link to its fabricated report, he blasted them in a tweet, writing, “that’s the most ridiculous reason I’ve ever heard… Nothing like that even happened at all. Idk what source u guys talking 2.”

Needless to say, Hollywood Life didn’t respond to Mahone, but they did delete their tweet.

The Secret singer wasn’t the only one who was upset. Camila also took to Twitter.

“guys guys,” the 17-year-old pleaded. “nobody is the bad guy here and nobody deserves any hate… with that said, im taking a little break from twitter for a couple days. i love you all so much.”

Meanwhile, Camila’s mother unleashed an emotional dressing down on Hollywood Life.

@HollywoodLife are you seriously saying that my daughter used her first love to sell a video?from beginning to end this article is a lie!!

— SINU (@sinucabello) November 26, 2014

@HollywoodLife I cleaned more tears in the last three days that in her whole life, don’t start with these atrocities.What’s wrong u people

— SINU (@sinucabello) November 26, 2014

@HollywoodLife I’m literally crying of angry

— SINU (@sinucabello) November 26, 2014


— SINU (@sinucabello) November 26, 2014

No doubt, Hollywood Life will come up with another “Exclusive!” and “sources” to cover the fact that they were publicly called out for lying. But what was just another story to the outlet had a human cost — the feelings of two young people going through a split, however brief their romance.

Unfortunately, the number of celebrities who hold bottom-feeder sites like Hollywood Life to account are few and far between. Selena Gomez is one. Miley Cyrus, another. And as Gossip Cop noted, that is exactly what HL are counting on.

Isn’t it time the the entertainment news cycle stopped citing a site that insults their readers and other media outlets with their click bait fictions? Their recent story (linked below), and subsequent source denials — a case in point.