Las Vegas journalist gets trapped by same foreclosure scam he reported on [Video]

Foreclosures can be a hard enough thing to deal with at the best of times but when you think that you have been playing by the rules and doing everything the right way the idea that you don’t own that home you thought you did, well that can be devastating.

The whole foreclosure fraud business is just another sickening example of the lengths that people will go to in order to make money and nowhere is this more apparent than in Las Vegas where improper foreclosure practices are widespread.

In fact one experienced and well respected investigative reporter, George Knapp, found out the hard way just how widespread it was when he discovered that the home he thought he had bought and paid for out of foreclosure wasn’t his.

As he found out via the Attorney General’s office Knapp didn’t own his home due to bogus signatures and improper filings something that Las Vegas foreclosure attorney Tisha Black says happens in nine out of ten cases these days.

Indeed, Knapp isn’t alone when it comes to faulty title transfers causing lost homes. In addition, to the “tens of thousands” cited by KLAS in Las Vegas, one couple and their 18-month-old daughter faced foreclosure in Houston, Texas even though they had stayed current on payments since 2008,because their title wasn’t transferred properly.

via Huffington Post