Walking On Mars? Former NASA Employee Claims Men Walked On Mars In 1979 [Video]

Tracey Parece

Did men walk on Mars in 1979? That's the question being raised today after a self-proclaimed former NASA employee claimed that she witnessed footage of two spacesuit-wearing humans walking toward the Viking Explorer while the rover was parked on the surface of Mars.

The woman, who is known only as "Jackie" made the astonishing claim on the air when she phoned Coast to Coast AM for help with a decades-old mystery, according to International Business Times. Calling herself a former NASA employee from North Las Vegas, Jackie revealed that she worked on downlink telemetry from the Viking Explorer at the time she saw the shocking footage. That Viking lander was the first to take photographs of Mars and transmit them back to Earth.

Jackie was allegedly working alongside six co-workers to maintain equipment when she spotted two men walking on the surface of Mars. The employees had access to multiple screens that showed footage of the Viking rover. She remembered that the men's protective gear on the screen looked dissimilar from what she had seen other astronauts wear.

After she spotted the human forms walking on Mars, the video feed was suddenly lost. Several employees went upstairs and discovered that the door to a room they tried to access was locked and the window was covered. They couldn't see inside the room. Jackie didn't explain what she expected to find in that locked room, but it presumably had something to do with what she had just seen on the video monitor downstairs.

The Coast to Coast AM radio show host calmly agreed with the caller that what she most likely saw was two men walking on Mars, performing repairs to the Viking Explorer as it sat on the surface of the terrestrial planet. He assured her that humans can survive quite comfortably on the planet with minimal spacesuits.

During her phone call to the radio station, Jackie called her shocking claim about men on Mars "a 27-year-old mystery." However, the events she described from 1979 would have taken place 35 years ago, not 27 years ago. It isn't clear exactly when the woman called Coast to Coast AM, but it was sometime in 2014, according to Metro. Listen to the audio from the radio show below.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, plasma physicist Dr. John Brandenburg also has some interesting theories about the Red Planet. The physicist has suggested that there have been two ancient nuclear explosions on Mars that may have destroyed an ancient civilization that once lived on the rocky planet. Brandenburg explained.

"Given the large amount of nuclear isotopes in Mars atmosphere resembling those from hydrogen bomb tests on Earth, Mars may present an example of civilization wiped out by a nuclear attack from space."

Nuclear explosions on the Red Planet? Walking on Mars? What do you think of these unusual theories? Comments are welcome.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]