Square Enix working on new action RPG powered by Unreal Engine

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Square Enix revealed that a new action RPG powered by the Unreal Engine is in the works, and it won’t be another Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest.

Not much is known about the unnamed title at the moment – only that the game will be under the direction of Ryutaro Ichimura, whose previous work with Square Enix includes development roles in both Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX.

The game has a western aesthetic to it, with a few bits of concept art shown in the Famitsu article displaying European-style buildings and characters seemingly from the middle ages. Despite its distinctly western style, Ichimura notes in the article that the game is not necessarily targeting a western audience.

Ichimura goes on to note that the platforms the game will release on have not been finalized yet, but the team is aiming for a console release. Depending on timing, it’s possible the game could wind up on next-generation consoles.

Thanks, Andriasang