Ferguson: Female Papa John's Manager Fights Looters To Protect The Restaurant

Ferguson rioters attempted to loot a Papa John's, but a female manager tackled them and subdued them with her bare hands as they kicked in the windows of the restaurant. Masked looters upset over the Darren Wilson verdict kicked and punched their way through the pizza joint until the brave woman put a stop their criminal acts.

A video from the Ferguson Papa John's shows the female manager defending the restaurant as looters ran up and down the street wreaking havoc and setting fire to cars. The unidentified woman relentlessly pushed the masked looters away, even as he intently focuses on punching in the windows around her.

The Papa John's female manager uses her body to block the Ferguson rioter and appears to be attempting to reason with him to stop trying to destroy the property and loot. The masked man then appears to jabs his fingers into her face multiple times in order to gain entry into the Papa John's.

As the Michael Brown shooting rioters keeps kicking and punching at the glass windows of the Ferguson Papa John's, a second looter joins in to help. The second man appears to yell closely into the female manager's face, but she steadfastly refused to back down and let them into the business.

From the footage on the video, the Ferguson looters appear to get even angrier as the woman refuses to yield her ground. Ultimately, one of the Mike Brown shooting rioters forcefully pushed the woman and raises his fists near her face. Something caused the masked looter to change his mind about punching the female Papa John's manager and he allows himself to be led away by another man.

An unidentified woman out of the viewing range on the street can be heard yelling at the Ferguson Papa John's manager, "Move! This ain't your business!" The riot and looting video was shot by Victor Maggio. He is a blogger who was in Ferguson to film the aftermath of the Darren Wilson decision. Some online posters who have watched the viral video of the female Papa John's manager attempting to protect the restaurant, have wondered why Maggio did not put down his camera and help protect the woman from the angry Ferguson rioters.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the number of National Guard troops sent to protect people and property after the Ferguson decision nearly tripled on Tuesday evening.

What do you think of the Darren Wilson Michael Brown shooting verdict and the female Papa John's manager fighting back against the riots and looting?

[Image via: Twitter]