Vegans And Vegetarians Celebrate Tofurky's 20th Thanksgiving: Senator Cory Booker Talks Tofu [Video]

Joanne Eglash

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, vegans and vegetarians have just one request. Please don't call it Turkey Day. Instead, hungry eaters on plant-based diets are advocating the consumption of fake bird options, such as Tofurky. Among those eager to talk Tofurky and vegan Thanksgiving alternatives is the product's creator, Seth Tibbott, who's celebrating his company's 20th anniversary, reported CNN.

When Seth began his journey in the 1970s, he sought alternatives that would fit into his own vegetarian lifestyle. A stuffed pumpkin wasn't particularly appealing, and a roast made of gluten baked all day was downright disgusting. So Seth experimented until he devised the Tofurky Roast in 1995.

Just how recognized is Tofurky as the official un-bird of Thanksgiving? Jay Leno has given it the comedic seal of approval, while Seattle's mayor even pardoned a Tofurky this year. He named it Braeburn.

But don't kick Tofurky, says Seth. He's proud of contributing 3.4 million Tofurky Roasts to the world since he began crafting the object. And although they may look and feel like a football-shaped sponge, those fond of this alternative advocate adding soy gravy and plant-based stuffing for a feast.

For those who feel deprived if they don't cook for hours in the kitchen, recipes for vegan and vegetarian alternatives abound. Below is one for jazzing up that Tofurky.

Booker made the announcement via social media in response to questions about his diet.

"Vegan until end of yr at least. Vegetarian for last 22yrs. For my first vegan Thanksgiving, I am now going to transition out of some of my old time favorites.... I don't know exactly what it's going to be yet."
"I'm excited about this vegan experiment. I'm learning much about food policy, food industries, environmental issues and more," reflected Booker.

Booker is pushing a petition on to persuade the ice cream manufacturers to create a vegan flavor. Thus far, his non-dairy ice cream petition has earned almost 10,000 signatures. Although it may be too late for this year, dreams of a vegan pumpkin Ben and Jerry's ice cream for Thanksgiving 2015 are dancing in the Senator's creative mind.

"Help me & other's get Ben And Jerry's to have a vegan ice cream. Sign the petition," pleaded the Senator on Twitter.

Dr. Mark Hyman told the former President that his vegan diet contained too much starch and insufficient good quality protein. He also contends that weight loss is more difficult for vegans.

"It's hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and not have too much starch. I know a lot of fat vegans."