Bill Clinton Caught Leering At Woman's Cleavage In Viral Selfie: See The Pic

Aric Mitchell

Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States known for, among other things, the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, may have just proven that old habits die hard (or not at all).

A Reddit user posted a new picture of Clinton on Wednesday, and the "selfie" quickly went viral — not only because it's a pic of the Prez with common folk, but also because of where Clinton's eyes are pointed.

You get a hint of it in the pic above, but here's the full thing for your viewing pleasure.

Bill Clinton Selfie

The Daily Intelligencer points out that the photo could be a Photoshop job, but if it is, it's a pretty good one.

And given the past of Bill Clinton, if he is leering at this woman's cleavage intentionally, it isn't exactly scandal material. By now, the president's sex life has few secrets. Kenneth Starr made sure of that in the 90s.

Nevertheless, Clinton remains a favorite figure in American politics and favorably viewed by most Democrats and even a respectable sample of Republicans and Independents.

Part of that likability, one Reddit commenter points out, is due to how cool, calm, and collected he could remain in even the most unusual of situations.

The man, relating a story of when his uncle met Bill Clinton, had this to say.

"He decided to get up from his wheelchair, get on his walker, and try to walk across the receiving line. Across the receiving line at the state dinner is the World's press. They're all there; I don't know how many, tens of cameras and video cameras, everything. So as Nam June is talking to President Clinton, and I'm standing right behind him as he's making some small talk to President Clinton, Nam June turns around and says to me: Ken, I think my pants are falling. True story here. And I said, What? My pants are falling! he says. I look down, and his pants are falling! They are completely down on the floor. And he has no underwear on! So I pick up his pants. I pull them up and I just hold them there. Now, Bill Clinton is such a cool president he still continued to have small talk with my uncle. I think they were talking about Chelsea, maybe, I don't know. A little bit down the line, I could see that Hillary was really not amused at all. She was ticked. But Bill Clinton was saying nothing. It was really quite amazing."

Here's the video from that incident.