Patrice O’Neal Dead at 41 [Video]

Patrice O’Neal, a popular stand-up comic and staple at Comedy Central Roasts, has passed away. O’Neal died on Monday night. He was 41.

O’Neal’s close friend and radio personality, Opie from The Opie and Anthony Show, tweeted this morning:

“Yes, it’s true that our pal Patrice O’Neal has passed away. The funniest and best thinker I’ve ever known PERIOD.”

According to TMZ, O’Neal suffered a stroke in October. After his stroke, comedian Jim Norton said on The Opie and Anthony Show:

“We don’t know how he is. We don’t know how he’s going to be. It’s too soon to tell. It takes a while, we just don’t know.”

O’Neal, who appeared on “The Office,” “Tough Crowd With Colin Quin,” “Arrested Development,” his own stand-up specials and several Comedy Central Roasts, had his last big appearance was at the Roast of Charlie Sheen in September.

Here’s a clip of Patrice O’Neal roasting Seth McFarlane at the Charlie Sheen roast.

Here’s a clip from Patrice O’Neal’s stand-up.

Last year, Greg Giraldo, another popular comedian and Comedy Central Roaster passed away.

Were you a fan of Patrice O’Neal?