‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ DLC Weapons Given To Season Pass Holders Ahead of Release

Like many modern video game franchises, Activision Blizzard is releasing a season pass offer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which allows fans to pay a smaller initial fee to gain access to four upcoming DLC packs as they become available in the future. However, Sledgehammer Games is giving gamers an extra benefit after the developer announced on the official Call of Duty blog that certain aspects of the add-on will be released early to season pass holders.

While the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn’t set to launch until the beginning of 2015, those who have picked up the title’s season pass will be able to enjoy a new weapon from the add-ons in just a couple of weeks. Starting December 11, season pass holders will be given early access to two new rifles.

Anyone without the season pass will have to wait until next year to try out the AE4 rifle and the AE4 Widowmaker variant. The new firearms are currently scheduled to release in January as part of the first DLC offering for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. However, fans that already own the season pass will be able to access the rifles early. Furthermore, anyone that purchases the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season pass after December 11 will also still receive immediate access to both AE4 weapons.

Gamers without the season pass will still be able to acquire the new firearms next year when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s “Havoc” DLC officially launches. At that time, season pass holders will also be able to download the rest of the content from the add-on since only the two rifles will be provided ahead of release.

Earlier in the month, the Inquisitr reported that zombies have been confirmed to return to the popular first-person shooter franchise through post-launch DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This will be the first time that undead have shambled into the series since Black Ops 2 after last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts omitted the living dead in favor of aliens.

The title’s publisher has not yet released hard sales numbers to show how well Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has performed since launch. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has, however, announced that the game has generated more revenue in 2014 than any other form of entertainment — including music and film. Forbes remains somewhat skeptical of the claim. The business publication feels that its odd to brag about the sales of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare when the publisher refuses to release any hard sales data on the game.

[Image via Call of Duty]